Steg rock from Pensby

4 October 2014

Oxjam Heswall 2014

We're on at Suede Cocktail Lounge (used to be Terrace C) in Heswall for this years OxjamHeswall on 18th October at 5.15pm. Lots of new tracks and it's Stu's first gig for the AP! I think it's £5 for a wristband but that gets you into all the venues all day and a few other extras.

Here's an old favourite to get you warmed up!

"Top Of The Day" from 8th September 2007

1 September 2014

Heswall Oxjam 18th October

We'll be playing at this years Heswall Oxjam on 18th October. Not sure where or what time.

31 August 2014


We played together for the first time tonight since last years Fort Perch Rocks. Due to unforeseen circumstances Ray has been unable to drum so we've had a little shift around. Rich is now on drums and new member Stu Morris (pictured left) has been brought in on bass. Stu is a long time friend and fan of the band and said he can't wait to "steg it up".

We wish Ray all the best and hope he's back playing soon.

24 August 2013

Flames In The Fort

The opening night of this years Fort Perch Rocks festival in New Brighton was hosted by The Core and Antipop Records. We were lucky enough to be asked to open the night and although the turn out wasn't great that early on, a fine half hour set was to be played including a rare outing for the steg rock classic Scum Bucket Lover, which climaxed in an anarchistic guitar smash from Mr Glen Eagle. The guitar was later burned in a kind of pagan rock ritual.

By means of a link you can watch a video of this song right here. And below are some images from the night.

16 August 2013

Fort Perch Rocks 2013

We'll be playing at this years Fort Perch Rocks festival in New Brighton on Friday 23rd August at 7.15pm. We're opening the night hosted by Antipop Records & The Core, other bands on are ESK, Kusanagi, Zebedy, Super Fast Girlie Show and Alpha Male Tea Party. Tickets are £6 or its £7.50 on the door. Get your tickets from Si Barker here.

For more information on the whole bank holiday weekend look here.

14 June 2013

Shipped out to The Ship Inn

As Glassfire closed down a few days before Oxjam, the Popcorn were moved to The Ship Inn, which turned out to be a really great venue. Fallen Industries tended to the sound again, but were forced by the  landlord to turn us down, with which we accordingly turned it back up. Grab yerselves a copy of the gig right here.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, if you want to see a vid from the gig look here.

20 April 2013

The One Mic Sessions

Our good friend Neil Patterson came over to a recent rehearsal and recorded a few songs for us. Considering he only used one microphone and his laptop the results weren't bad.

Listen here on our Soundcloud page or click the image to download the tracks.

7 April 2013

OXJAM Time Confirmed!

We'll be onstage in Glassfire at 7.30pm, hope to see you there.

For more info go here.

Ray Speedway, drummer for Asbestos Popcorn will also be performing earlier in the day on guitar for punk legends The Ceramic Hobs, observe them here.

17 March 2013

Oxjam Hoylake 2013

Saturday 25th May

It's that time of year again, Oxjam is upon us and Asbestos Popcorn will be playing in some venue at some point. When I know I'll let you know.

29 May 2012

OXJAM 2012

If you want to download the mp3s from the OXJAM gig then click the image.

Big thanks to Sarah for organising the event. It was a good day and night, and all for a worthy cause.